Sebastián Zuleta Ríos is a documentary photographer based between Brooklyn and Bogota, Colombia. He is a graduate of the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program at the International Center of Photography. He worked as a copywriter before becoming a photographer. Upset by the 2014 assassination of 43 students in Mexico, Sebastián began documenting the protests in Mexico City.

His work focuses on the intersection of migration, memory and culture, and how that affects identity, especially within communities experiencing change.

Originally from Colombia, Sebastian has found a home away from home many times. Living in Australia, Colombia, Mexico and the US, this years of living, working, studying and sharing abroad with different cultures have nourished his observation and interest as a storyteller.

Always interested in education processes, Sebastián has been Teacher Assistant for Image Strategies for Human Rights; and Images and Ideas at ICP with the Dean of the school; and also at the Terra Firma Community Programs at the Bronx. 

contact: [email protected]

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