When a memorial is placed at the actual location of the event it commemorates, the connection between the site and the meaning becomes brutal, as the memorial’s meaning takes over the site itself. The Space Between doesn’t want to explore dark tourism, document tragedy commodification or find the truth: these are issues better addressed by commissions, courts, and academics.

With his images of the 9/11 Memorial Plaza in New York City, Sebastián Zuleta Ríos invites us to enter this space by opening the space up to us, as viewers. Instead of seeing his photos as a metaphor for what happened there, The Space Between is an artistic way of making us think how we can’t understand September 11. Asking us visually: how do we interact with sites of tragedy, what lays beneath the surface and how can we heal from the associated memories?

There are not only heroes and victims, but spaces in between.

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